Salesy is currently at its growth course. Would you like to automate and further develop the way of selling with us?

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As a team with a passion for sales, we have long been focused on minimizing time-consuming aspects of sales and breaking down the target groups of companies into trigger factors, this is all being combined with Salesy.pro. 

Viktoria Izdebska

Managing Director


Florian Schicker


Roman Schweitzer


What do we stand for?

Team spirit

Our top priority is that every team member feels comfortable and enjoys their work. From team lunches to office parties, you can have a lot of fun and enjoy your work at Salesy.

Personal development

At Salesy, we place a great deal of focus on the personal development of our employees. What do you enjoy? What would you like to get better at? We would be happy to invite you to an online course.


It's no problem to make mistakes. It's important for us to own up to your mistakes so that others can learn from them too.


Reliability is essential to us. Every employee has responsibility for their customers or their technology; that's why you can rely on one another in our team.


You divide your working hours. Are you like our Junior Developer and like to get up at 7.00am? Or do you prefer to sleep late? We adapt to your rhythm.

Latest technologies

If you want to create great things, you have to keep your finger on the pulse. At Salesy we develop the latest technologies in the sales area. We also use the latest tools and programs.

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