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☑ 5 leads via email every week 

⚠ No contact person details

⚠ Only general firm data

⚠ Nur 5 Leads pro Woche



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every month, excluding VAT

Upgrade zu Premium:

☑ Up to 50 leads per week

☑ CRM integration

☑ Detailed firm data with contact person details

☑ Downloade deine Leads als CSV Datei

Detailed benefits



Free forever



Du bekommst regelmäßig Leads in deine Inbox 

Du bekommst die Daten einer direkten Ansprechperson

Du kannst die Leads als CSV – Datein herunterladen

Du bekommst bis zu 50 Leads pro Woche

Du kannst Salesy mit deinem CRM System verbinden


Frequently asked questions

What does Salesy do?

Salesy makes the identification and contacts of sales-leads easier, faster, and better. Salesy scans your market automatically for relevant activities, enabling you to identify new leads and leading to contact relevant decision-makers at the right time.

In which form will I receive the leads?

Salesy has a strong focus in the user experience- You will receive our lead suggestions directly to your CRM. Whether it is in the form of Excel, HubSpot, Pipedrive, etc.  

Who is Salesy for?

  • B2B firms 
  • Firms that primarily focus on outbound sales
  • Industries such as SAAS, tech (software platforms), HR, service providers, etc.
  • Scale-ups, startups, and SMEs

What are Salesy’s advantages?

Thanks to our technology, we automatically recognize when a firm requires our customers’ services. You will receive a dossier with all the necessary leads’ information.