Fill up your Lead List with this simple trick (2022)

Nowadays, several lead generation services were created. Such services have different approaches to generating leads for B2B businesses, such as:

          Creating a lead generation search engine🔎

         A lookalike system- finding similar companies to the ones the customer has begun searching for🙈🙉

         Estimation of contact email addresses for the needed contact within the company🤷‍ 

        Analyzing “trigger events” that presume that a company has a need for a certain product

🐙Salesy🐙 was born aiming to increase efficiency and save time through automating the lead generation process. Salesy acknowledges that the point in time at which you approach a potential client is critical for the chances of closing a deal. Therefore, Salesy automatically scans your market for relevant activities and enables you to identify new leads at the ideal time. The ideal time is found using our technology🤖 to identify what we call ”Trigger Events,” 🎪 which are events that occur when a firm experience/execute a major event/activity (e.g., investments in the firm, expansions, investment in software, etc.). Our service leads a bunch of amazing results🤩:

          Strong increase in conversion rates📈

          Time saved as a result of automation⏳

          Regular customer suggestions🙋

          Accurate needed contact details for business practices💻


          CRM integration wherein you directly and automatically get your leads on a regular bas

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